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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...IMHO
Bad and truly ugly. The State Mental Health, Education and Welfare Service Center.  Built in 1970 and acclaimed by some (obviously  friends of the architect), as the "...tour de force demonstrating the sculptural possibilities of concrete..." this  building looks like a crocodile waiting to swallow the next poor soul who unwittingly stumbles into its reach. The unfriendly face implies "Don't touch me!" when the visual message should be comforting and or at least civil. The exterior is further flawed by the lack of visual clues indicating the front  from the back.  Imagine the fright that takes hold of the mentally challenged as they circle the building trying to find the entrance!  This is a bad design for a building that is intended to serve those in need of assistance and a good example of architecture inappropriate to its purpose. 

Custom House 1847 A great creation of dignity and strength soon to be mucked up by the Federal Government with a phallic design from architects Peabody and Sterns. Custom House with tower 1915
Because it was owned by the Federal Govenment, the building was not subject to Boston's 125' height restriction.  This sixteen addition became the city's first skyscraper and "...a shock..." Boy can you say that again.  It looks like a missile shot through the middle of a Greek Temple!
Custom House 2000
The Marriott Corporation has turned this fickle finger of fate into time shares.  Now visitors to the city have a birds eye view of the best of Boston's buildings from the worst concoction of design since the dawn of man.

Boston has a great architectural heritage that some believe should be preserved for future generations by updating the use of a building while leaving its original design in tack.  Turn the page to see what I mean.

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