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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!....IMHO
Faneuil Hall Marketplace / Quincy Market
Quincy Market started out in 1826 as a meat and provisions distribution outlet and an extension of the earlier market owned by Mr. Faneuil. This temple to commerce served the merchants of Boston as well as ships in the harbor. 

In the early 1900's Quincy Market was still going strong.  Accounts of the time report that on high market days pigs would be driven through the streets on their way to slaughter in this building while young boys called out, "Here comes the kids from Charlestown."
Later in the century the market was a vacant assortment of warehouse spaces. As the buildings fell into disrepair the neighbors pressured city officials to demolish what is now a Boston landmark.
Happily in the 1970's, forward thinking architect Ben Thomson finally convinced the Boston Redevelopment Authority, business leaders and developers that such a jewel should be saved. His proposed Marketplace, an adaptive reuse project of this Greek revival building was and still is a major success. What was once the destiny of pigs, Faneuil Hall Marketplace is now the destination point of thousands of tourists as well as local residents. This is a wonderful link to both our maritime and architectural past. Come on, let's walk around.
Thank you for joining me on my opinionated tour.
I had alot of fun.  Didn't you? 

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