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COURSE DESCRIPTION: A continuation of History of Furniture and Architecture I , this course traces the study of furniture and architecture from the mid-1700ís through the 20th century. Students will use their knowledge of period styles from History I to compare and contrast furniture and architecture of the last 250 years. As in History I, a major focus will be placed on chronological stylistic developments, characteristics of period style and terminology germane to furniture and architecture. Field trips will include visits to the Harrison Gray Otis House, the Gibson Museum and the Gropius House.
STUDENT EVALUATION AND GRADING CRITERIA: This is a college level Interior Design course. While we welcome continuing education students taking this class for personal interest, every student will be expected to work to their fullest potential. Grading will be based upon test averages and project grades. Chronic lateness, poor attendance, and lack of class participation  will all adversely affect the final grade. 

NOTE: Students will be marked late after fifteen minutes and absent if they are more than thirty minutes late for class or a field trip. Three absences will result in failure. It is the studentís responsibility to procure notes from a classmate, not the instructor for missed classes. Make-up tests are not given unless there is a documented medical emergency. 


TEXTBOOKS:     The Complete Guide to Furniture Styles by Louise Boger 
                           Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture by Cyril Harris 
                             A Concise History of Western Architecture by R. Furneaux Jordan
SUPPLEMENTAL READING: Our library is one of the best resources for researching historic furniture and architecture. Plan on spending some time going through the stacks to familiarize yourself with this wonderful collection. 
NOTE: Many of the most important slides from each lecture have been duplicated, placed in a binder and are in the school library. 
                  Each page corresponds to a particular period style. Please put the slides back in the order which you found them.

Areas of Study and Time Line History of Furniture and Architecture II
PERIOD France & Europe England America Architecture
Louis XVI 1774-1789
Directiore 1789-1804
Empire 1804-1815
Adam 1770-1793
Hepplewhite 1780-1795
Sheraton 1790-1803/05
Regency 1795-1820
Hepplewhite 1785-1800
Sheraton 1795-1815
American Directoire 1805-1815/20
American Empire 1810/15-1830/40
American Federal (Adamesque)
.. Revival Styles 1820-1890 Late Classical 1815-1840
Rococo Revival 1850-
Gothic Revival
Renaissance Revival
Louis XVI Revival
Tudor Revival
Egyptian Revival
Innovation and New Materials
Greek Revival
Gothic Revival
Renaissance Revival
Richardsonian Romanesque
Second Empire
Queen Anne

Arts & Crafts and Mission  1900-

The Modern World 1900-2000 Art Nouveau 1890-1910 
Belgium, France, Spain, Scotland, Austria, Germany
Aesthetic Movement 1860-1890
Arts & Crafts 1860-1900ís
Aesthetic Movement
Arts & Crafts
Art Nouveau
Louis Sullivan 
Frank Lloyd Wright
McKim, Mead, and White
. DeStijl 1917-1928
Art Deco 1925- 1930ís
Bauhaus 1919-1933
New Styles and Trends
.. Modern Furniture Classics
Art Deco
International style

New Styles and Trends

DeStijl 1917-1928
Art Deco 1925- 1930ís
Bauhaus 1919-1933
International style

Miesian 1950ís 
Brutalism 1960ís
Post Modernism 1960-
Deconstructivists 1980-

Neoclassical Victorian Revival Art Nouveau
Art Deco
International Style
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