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Candlewick Press

October 25, 2000

Used Furniture                                                Click on thumbnail photo to enlarge for viewing

ChairsConference3.JPG (411794 bytes)Conference/Meeting Chairs ChairsConferenceFabric.JPG (452655 bytes)Detail of Fabric

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ChairsConference5.JPG (398104 bytes) ChairsConferencce.JPG (414376 bytes) ChairsConferenceBola.JPG (418724 bytes)Conference /Guest Chairs
ChairsCongerence4.JPG (415164 bytes)Conference Chairs ChairsGuest.JPG (406136 bytes)Conference/Guest Chairs ChairsGuest3.JPG (415154 bytes)Office Guest Chairs
ChairsGuest4.JPG (399472 bytes)Office Guest Chairs ChairsGuest5.JPG (416349 bytes)Office Guest Chairs DeskSPR.JPG (412930 bytes)Desk with Right Return


Lateral5Drw.JPG (419534 bytes)5 Drawer Lateral File LateralFiles4DRW.JPG (428290 bytes)4 Drawer lateral File Pedsetal FileFile.JPG (409269 bytes)Pedestals File/File
ReceptionDeskPanel2.JPG (397912 bytes)Reception desk, panels ReceptionDeskPanels1.JPG (403978 bytes)Approach side of reception ReceptionDeskTraditional.JPG (399202 bytes)Traditional Reception Desk
TableMeeting2.JPG (422619 bytes)Folding Meeting Tables TableMeetingFolding.JPG (405759 bytes)Detail of table top TableBaseDetail.JPG (400471 bytes)Bases for small tables